Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Lenten Season

This year for Lent, I think I'll be giving up a regular night's sleep... I grew up in a tradition that didn't observe Lent in any way, shape or form. But a couple years ago I became intrigued by this idea that in some religious traditions the faithful actively prepare themselves for Easter. So I've messed around here and there, some years doing something, some years not. This year I chose to give up soda for the 46 days of Lent. One might think, "no big deal," but for me it's taken some work. I'm not a soda addict like some, but I have my moments. The other thing that I'm preparing myself to do is to fast from our church's Good Friday service until Sunday after church. As I understand it, lent is all about preparing oneself and building in oneself an anticipation for the weekend that celebrates the cornerstone of our faith. Here's some more info on Lent. It seems that Lent is celebrated in a lot of different ways...who knows -- next year I may do it differently.

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