Wednesday, January 25, 2006

speed kills!

Recently, God has been blessing our ministry -- throughout the fall we've seen crazy growth both in terms of the number of people that attend our weekly gathering and also in the amount of energy and buzz about Nexus (I know that the second one isn't really quantifiable...sue me.) I told some friends, it really is some of the most exciting times I've had in ministry. But there's always a price. And the price tag for this is that my schedule is filling up faster than it ever has and I'm learning that I need to block out chunks of study and message prep time well in advance or they fill up quickly. And I'm learning that I can't be everything to everyone (not an easy lesson for a people-pleaser!) Good lessons, all! On top of all that in my "professional world," as we near the end of Jen's pregnancy, I find myself doing more and more at home -- kids need rough-housed, dinner needs cooked, kids to put to bed, etc. -- and I'm fat because I don't have time to excercise (and I love baked goods & chocolate) -- and I'm just plain worn out!

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Dan Luebcke said...

Tuesday morning at Panera is my time!