Monday, January 23, 2006

Bad Day

Don't have much to say... Except that yestderday was a rough day... ....for guys named Jake. ( many things went wrong -- but he'll get the blame!) Here's what Bernie Lincicome from the Rocky Mountain News said, that really sums up the bitterness that I feel: This one was worse than either of those bad surrenders to Indy, for it was a clear rout by a team no more fit for glory than the Broncos. The Steelers now become the favorite for the Super Bowl, like being the largest knuckle in a fist. This one was worse because the Broncos played like the team that had never kept its breath or made a first down or left a quarterback in a cast. This one was worse because the team the Broncos lost to was facing its third road game in a row. The Steelers, a collection of crude craftsmen, not an artist among them, were not particularly brutal or especially inspired. They were dogged and competent, as the Broncos were supposed to be, immune to altitude and calamity, grotesques in ghastly Halloween colors, while the Broncos played like a team full of fog and excuses. Maybe the truth is this simple: The Broncos lost because they were not good enough to win. For the whole article, follow this link.


Ximena said...

Perhaps it's what they get for upsetting my beloved Tom Brady? lol Just a thought... Anyway, *hugs* from New England (where we too cry over a lost Superbowl...well, maybe just me)

Tyler said...

:) By the way are welcome to post that picture I sent you yesterday! ;)

ckd said...

tyler --

(said with full christian love)

jdb said...

Not all Jake's had a bad day