Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sitcoms Live On

I mourned when Seinfeld went off the air. And I was pretty bummed when Friends went off too, although towards the end it was fairly pathetic and whiny. So this year, Jennifer and I have watched much less television that in year's past. BUT, there are now 3 sitcoms that are bringing laughter back into the Dean home. (1 that Jen really likes, 1 that she's learning to like, and 1 that she think I'm dumb for watching. SCRUBS -- FUNNY, quirky, but then it will catch you by suprise by being somewhat sweet. (can a little dirty at times -- much like Friends) THE OFFICE -- I've loved this show from the first episode (I'm one of the very few.) It just gets better! ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT -- quirky, and cracks me up, although I've heard that they've been cancelled. PS: I love tv shows on DVD -- no commercials -- you can catch up on previous seasons, no commercials -- you can watch at your convenience -- no commercials!

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Eric T. said...

"my heart hates ug-oes"

"we're going to sell it to charity. b/c that's what Christmas is all about."

and i don't have a quote from AD. but it is very quote-worthy.