Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"He who is the busiest wins"

It seems that every couple weeks I have a conversation that goes something like this... Me: I'm thinking about starting this new project at home. It's going to take some major man hours. Other Person: Wow! You must have lots of spare time! It sure would be nice to have that much extra time on my hands. (Said with a certain amount of smugness and condescension.) Me: Screw You! (sorry -- that's just what I'm thinking, -- I know it's crude, I repent.) Here's the thing -- it seems like there are some people who revel in being busy and furthermore derive their significance from their busyness. When I have the above conversation, it feels like the person is really saying, "I'm so much more important than you that I work 100 hours a week which just confirms how important I am and what a slacker that you are if you have free time to work on your house/watch movies/read books/play with your kids/bike ride/ etc." Our value is not tied to how many hours per week we sacrifice to an organization. And in fact, shouldn't people who get their job done with some degree of excellence in 40 hours be applauded -- instead, I think most of us feel guiltily if we work anything under 50 hours. Maybe I'm just over-sensitive.

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