Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Loving Homosexuals

Just finished this book by Chad W. Thompson: Loving Homosexuals as Jesus Would. Great introduction to the topic! The church can stick its head in the sand all it wants, or shout moral platitudes, but nothing will ever change until we get serious about what it means to love first! Anyway, for those of you that were at The Gathering on Sunday night, this is the book that Tim and I talked briefly about. It really is a "must read."


mitchell said...

I think homosexuality has become too loaded of a topic to discuss individually. Maybe the broader topic of how does Jesus deal with sin is a little easier to grasp? How would we deal with someone who openly stole stuff from the Gathering and didn't see a problem with it? Or a friend who didn't see a reason why he should be honest when it is much easier to lie? Does it make things easier to go from the broad to the specific - or can we not move that way?

ckd said...

I think we have to move that way. If we've not wired ourselves towards grace in the little things, grace in the bigger things will be impossible!

mitchell said...

hmm, I was thinking there was a double standard there that may not be there. My point was more focused on the acknowledgement that a behavior was not right. Say someone came in every week and every week they stole something. After discussing it with them you realize they didn't think they were doing anything wrong. Would we still welcome them fully knowing that every week something else would be missing? Granted the situation is a little silly - I'm just trying to replace one thing that is "wrong" with another.