Thursday, August 11, 2005

WCA Leadership Summit

Today marks the beginning of The Leadership Summit put on by the Willow Creek Association. At our church it's a pretty big deal. We are one of the approximately 100 host sites across the country and world. The elders and senior leadership use Leadership Summit as one of the major catalysts for seeking what's next for Northwoods. So here's the deal. Right now I am sitting in the atrium at church watching the live broadcast on the plasma screens (we just got WiFi in the atrium!). So, I'll be posting thoughts throughout the summit first of all for you benefit, but also for mine, because it helps me to process things when I post. So read if you's your opportunity to experience the Summit vicariously through my eyes!

1 comment:

Dan Luebcke said...

Dude....the poor white trash youth pastor in Littleton who can't even afford the satellite cost owes you big! Love ya man!!!!!!!!!