Monday, August 08, 2005

Crow Wedding

I performed a wedding ceremony this weekend. Both of the students had been in my youth group in my youth pastoring days. It's such a joy to see former students growing up and moving on in life and it's such an honor to be a part of the process. Anyway...funny story here... When the couple went to light the unity candle the wick broke and so there was no way the candle would light. So I had them just extinguish their individual candles and move on to signing their wedding license. So then I spotted a candle elsewhere on the stage that was already lit, but could serve as the unity candle. So after the song ended, I walked over and grabbed it and it began to spill hot wax on the floor as I walked, so I used my left hand to catch all the dripping wax. Now my hand was burning, but my microphone was on, so I couldn't yell, so I just had to walk across the stage as wax poured into my hand! So then I returned to my place with wax all over my hands! Otherwise, everything went really well!

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Eric said...

Good ceremony. Good stage presence by the band and pastor(s), and most importantly... Everyone was ushed in a timely and concise manor!!!