Friday, August 12, 2005

Session Seven (Part Two) -- Henry Cloud

Anyone ever struggle from inspiration to implementation? Accountability alone won't fix tends to highlight failure which leads to discouragement. GRACE is unmerited favor -- accountability is NOT grace, it's LAW. [personal note: I'm glad I've stayed so far...I think this is spectacular! I've always balked at the idea of an "accountability partner." I know it really works for some, but for me, I'll more fully disclose to someone who I know if first of all FOR ME, NO MATTER WHAT!] The elements of grace that apply to the implementation of all the good stuff from session seven and a half: [elements to put into place before implementing a will-power program] :
  1. Grace Motivation -- play the movie -- evaluate what you're doing with your life now, and fast forward to what your life (and your kids' lives and you wife's life and your parishinors' lives, etc.) will be like if you continue the path that you're on. Guilt and shame are NOT motivaters -- what you want and desire, what you love and what you have to lose are the real motivaters.
  2. Life only changes when we bring structure and discipline from the outside. What was once external becomes internal. If I don't someone else's structure into my life, I won't be able to change myself.
  3. You have to have support and healing for the other stuff that's driving you to medicate in various ways.
  4. Learn the gift of grace which is the gift of process
Again, extensive notes in the packet..."How to Quarantine Your Weaknesses." Here's a link to Henry's new book. SEE YA TOMORROW!!

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