Thursday, August 11, 2005

Session Four: Eleanor Josaites and Curtis Sliwa

First off, there was an article about Sliwa in the most recent issue of Newsweek. Click here. This is an interview segment. The first is with Eleanor Josaitis. She's cool. She's from Detroit and is the chief executive officer of HOPE. Their pledge is to use "intelligent and practical action to overcome racism, poverty and justice." It's really amazing to listen to her stories of how her organization has thought practically about how to combat social problems in their area. The two best parts of the interview: 1. She was challenging the crowd that hunger is still a problem in the U.S. I don't think I've ever seen someone so passionate, so full of what Hybels called in the early session "holy discontent." Just cool. 2. Despite all the good she has done, Hybels read some of her hate mail to illustrate that no matter what you do, people will criticize. Her response? "These types of letters make me work harder. I can deck 'em, or outclass 'em. I choose to outclass 'em." Great quote from Ms. Josiatis: Hybels asked her if being a woman was a challenge. "it doesn't matter either way...don't be intimidated by what the jerks say!" Second interview: Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels. I don't know what to write about this interview. You might just have to buy this. It's hilarious. At one point Hybels asks Sliwa to pretend that he (Hybels) is a potential recruit. Sliwa took the opportunity then to insult Hybles...I think the words "fuddy-duddy," "weak," and "okey-dokey," were all used to describe Hybels. Priceless. Really Sliwa is telling the story of the Guardian Angels which is pretty well documented. Go to their website and check their history. Sliwa is in Peoria on Sunday at a Baptist church...haven't been able to find details yet. Personal Note: A couple years ago, I was in Denver with some high school kids and was working under the protection of the Guardian Angels. It was very cool how much respect they get in the community! I have a ton of respect for them!


Kim Traynor said...

Themes of poverty and justice seem to be popping up a lot in today's sessions - thanks for your insightful summaries!

How is the remote experience? Any technical difficulties? Do people seem to be getting into the spirit of the event?

Laura Bazyn said...

Charlie, thank you so much for the summaries. I love getting to hear about the leadership summit, and I am really missing it this year. I especially enjoyed the Eleanor Josaites notes. This way I guess I don't have to sit through any boring speeches and just get the golden nuggets via your notes. We could really use some of these exciting speakers at our training. Oh, and I just saw _Velvet Elvis_ the other day and wondered if you had read it yet. Now I know.

ckd said...

Kim, you're right poverty and justice are huge. Every speaker yesterday really spent some time on those themes. (It's kinda sounding like the 'emergent' crowd!) It's great. Pastor Sono said that maybe we should preach less and start doing more...AMEN!

The satellite feed is good. Of course people don't get as enthusiastic as the crowd @ Willow, but that's normal. Actually, while I've been to many Willow conferences, I've always done the summit via satellite since we're a host site.

ckd said...

Laura, you would have LOVED Eleanor! Hybels introduced her as a "tough old lady." She had such spunk -- I could see you being just like her somebody!

Sandie Murphy said...

Charlie told me she reminded him of me! :)
I will take that as a commpliment. I think she is wonderful and being bold for what she believes in is what she had to do.

Laura Bazyn said...

I'll take being called a future "tough old lady with spunk" and Sandie Murphy as a HUGE complement! Thank you very very much!