Monday, August 29, 2005

My '98 Ford Contour (Ode to Cory)

First off...I hate cars. Maybe it's because I've never been in a life circumstance where I've been able to buy one that I really want. Or maybe it's because I'm not mechanically inclined. Or I guess it could also be a case of a deficient amount of testosterone coursing through my veins, but if I could live in the city and not have to own a car, I wouldn't be unhappy. This summer our Ford Contour has probably cost us more than it's probably worth! My terminology may be incorrect, but we've needed a new front end cover for the transmission, new tie rod, CV boot(?) and then this weekend, a new transmission range sensor, injector cleansing and new spark plugs, and we also had to fix the water pump (that will probably fail again in the next couple months requiring a new water pump housing). So, here's the point. I hate cars. Really hate my Ford Contour (although it is paid for so we don't really want to trade it and the body is in good shape for an 8-year old car), and love that I have friends like Cory who are patient with my car ignorance and are more than willing to work on my car for me. (I would say "work on my car with me," but I really just hand him tools and ask questions -- I probably slow him down more than I help!)

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Brandon said...

Gotta love Cory, and family I might add