Monday, August 29, 2005

Great Weekend

What a great weekend! I'm learning about myself, that for me to feel good about my life, there's a couple things that have to be in balance and this weekend, I felt pretty close to having them balanced. First, I need a healthy dose of activity and accomplishment. I don't feel real great about myself when I do nothing all weekend. This weekend I worked on a Habitat house that we are doing through our ministry in cooperation with Bradley University. I could spend a lot of time talking about how great Habitat is and how fun it was to go from nothing but a floor on Thursday to having the roof on and felt paper down by Saturday, but I'll save that for another time. Secondly, I need to feel like I've connected with my wife and kids. After I got home from the Habitat house on Saturday, we went to a car show that was being held at our church this weekend and then went to church Saturday night so that we could all hang out together Sunday morning. (Which we did -- lots of tickling and playing, although Gaving had a 103 degree fever, so he was pretty mellow.) Thirdly, It's great if we can get some time to reconnect with friends and/or family. On Friday night we had over some former students from my youth ministry days and on Saturday night, we had over some friends to just "veg out" and watch a semi-stupid movie (Shallow Hal). When all those things happen, I feel like I'm really living life and not just surviving it...know what I mean?

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Dan Luebcke said...

Great shirt Charlie! September 11th is sooooo close! Go Broncos!