Monday, July 25, 2005


One of the cool things about living in a smallish city is minor league baseball. First it's affordable -- $10 buys you the best seat in the house. And then when stars like Nomar Garciaparra are re-habbing, you get to see them play at close range. Nomar's in town tues - thurs. I'm going on Tuesday night with my buddy Dan who's visiting from God's country (Colorado) and our 4-year olds! Should be cool!


Anonymous said...

FYI...yours truly just found out today that he's throwing out the first pitch on Wednesday!!!


ckd said...

So, it got rained out and I didn't get to go, and I can't go to the rescheduled doubleheader and you get to throw out the first pitch?

So unfair! Get me Nomar's autograph if you can!