Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Four Deans Plus One

Jennifer and I are pregnant again...this will be our third (& final) pregnancy. We're pretty excited! Let me answer a few FAQ's: Yes, we are hoping for a girl, since we already have two boys, but we're okay with having another boy too (actually both of us are pretty convinced it's a boy). Yes, Jennifer is feeling fine. Her first two pregnancies were relatively uncomplicated and so far, this one is following suit. She's due the first of March, although with both of the boys, they induced her a couple weeks early, so we're expecting a late February birth date.


Eric said...

Congratulations! Now you'll have the joy of raising a middle child.

And if God thinks you can handle that, I'm sure you can handle raising a girl, too. Good luck with being a parent again!

Anonymous said...

A hearty congrats. Are you really sure 3 is all you want? I will be hoping for a girl so we can stay on track together but there is nothing wrong with raising 3 good men for this world. See you soon.
Adam--(your long lost brother:))