Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Nothing Like Old Friends

Had lunch today with an old friend. He was in town only for about 24 hours to attend a funeral. I picked him up and we had lunch at Tyroni's in Bartonville (I don't go there near enough...it's such a great place to eat!) Anyway, Tyler and I served at the same church for about two years, he as the Jr. High Pastor and me as the High School Pastor, until Tyler left to attend Denver Seminary. He now lives on Prince Edward Island in Eastern Canada. There's nothing better than sitting down with an old friend and feeling like you picked up right where you left off the last time you him! We had a great discussion that roamed through topics that mutually interest us -- epistemology, ontology, the church, etc...I think Kirkegaard even got mentioned!) Here's the moral...I think that even when you may only have a limited time with people, if you invest in the friendship, that it really never does end, although it may look differently! Anyway...here's to friends, new and old!

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Anonymous said...

Charlie -

They still let Tyler in the U.S.? Of all the people in the world, it's that guy who I'd love the chance to sit down and talk with ... I'm so jealous.

As a junior high kid, Tyler taught me that church was more than religion. I love him dearly for that.