Sunday, April 10, 2005

Songs About Jane

I'm doing a series for Nexus where we are looking at different musical artists and their music. (Sidenote - I really hate when churches do series where it's basically open season on bands that are clearly "secular" so that the church can point out all the ways that the band is degenerate while the Christian equivalents are heavily promoted even though the music is usually inferior despite the vocal protest of the "Christian music crowd.") (And yes, there are actually charts that tell youth pastors what bands to recommend if their students like band X that isn't's a sick, sad subculture). Anyway, I'm trying to do something that looks for the beauty and the good stuff regardless of the source. The first week we are talking about Maroon 5, and their album "Songs About Jane," and it's really growing on me. The first time I listened to it, I was pretty annoyed -- it's a lot more "pop" than what I usually listen to. However, as I've listened to this CD about 10 times or so now getting ready for my talk tonight, it's really began to grow on me. Adam Levine (the leader singer) really does sound like Stevie Wonder but the music behind is interesting blend of rock, R&B and funk. If you're looking for something that probably doesn't really sound like anything else in your collection, give it a try! PS. -- Please don't judge Maroon 5 by the songs that are overplayed on the radio!

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