Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Winter Blues

It's snowing again here in recent days I've noticed signs of the annual winter-time-don't-often-see-the-sun-mild-depression. Not that anything is really wrong, just find myself getting quieter, longing for some time on my bike in the woods. In other news, I should be getting a laptop in the next couple of days which will help me to blog more -- it's hard to take time to blog when everything else in my office gets in the way! I'm also looking for a new blogsite -- probably one that I'll have to pay for, I find this site a bit unwieldy, epsecially with graphics...I've tried to insert some, but it doesn't seem to work as smoothly as they say it should, and I have very little control over placement, size, etc. I do need a birthday is tomorrow, and I'm thinking of buying either an i-Pod Mini, or a Dell Jukebox DJ...any preferences?

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