Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Shame on you Bronco Fans

Okay, I'm putting on my crazy sports fan hat for a post... If you're not a Broncos fan, you probably won't be interested! Last weekend, while in Denver I got to take in the Denver-Indianapolis game (thanks Dan for good tix & great tailgating!) So here's my rant... Jake Plummer set three club records on Sunday. 1. Most passing yards in a single season 2. Most touchdown passes in a single season 3. The only quarterback in team history to take every snap of the regular season. The response in the crowd? A polite clap more on par with a golf clap than the kind of admiration and excitement that should have surrounded these achievements. You could almost feel the disappointment in the stands that John Elway had been eclipsed by Jake Plummer. Shame on you Bronco fans! Guess what folks? Elway retired, Jake's the man. Did you catch that? Jake Plummer is our man now. I loved Elway as much as anyone else, but the time has come to get behind the new guy, because if there's any hope of prevailing over Indianapolis (and I know there's not much!) it's going to be because of Jake Plummer. So -- to my fellow Bronco fans -- say one last goodbye to John Elway (if you must) and give your full devotion to the guy who now holds three significant club records and has led the team to the playoffs both of his seasons behind center!

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