Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Odds & Ends to Close Out 2004

On Christmas Day my Great Uncle and Aunt died in a head-on car collision just north of Bloomington. I wasn't particularly close to them, but I'll still be attending the funeral to mourn with my family. We had Christmas -- I wish it weren't so busy! I feel like I hurry from place to place for 3 or 4 days and never really get time to slow down! New Years is a couple days away! Jennifer and I are pumped to be heading out to Denver. A friend has tickets for the Broncos-Colts football game (if the Broncos win they're in the playoffs, if they lose they're probably not). We'll be tailgating and then hanging out at the game! Hope everyone is well! When I get back, I'll spend some time blogging about a great book I just finished reading the other night at 2 am! PS -- Thanks for those that listend to me on WMBD last week! It was a pretty cool experience!

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