Saturday, February 03, 2007

"Techmology -- What is it?"

Okay...the title is a quote from Ali G -- before Sacha Baron Cohen got all famous and stuff.

Anyway, I want to start my post by saying clearly, that I love my church. However, it often lives in the backwaters of technology, and when I read a post like this, I struggle hard with jealousy.

So here's a leadership question -- how do you "lead up" when it comes to technology? Technology always comes with a price tag, and if the people who make the money decisions aren't "techy" -- it's a long hill to climb -- they never can quite understand why you need the tools you do.

If I had my way -- I would have one of these, and one of these. (I think that these are tools comparable to a desk, telephone, chair & business cards 20 years ago.)

edited: got the name of the guy right now!


david rudd said...

1 -- identify and point out technological shortcomings

2 -- cast a vision up regarding the benefits of better technology

3 -- demonstrate faithfulness with less technology than you want/need

4 -- be patient

5 -- wonder how the church in the developing world possibly gets by!

...just sayin'

A.J. said...

Sasha Cohen has nothing to do with Ali G! Sasha Cohen is an ice skater. However, Ali G was actually plaid by an english actor named Sacha Baron Cohen.

Don't you just hate those jerks who feel it's their duty to rectify moot points?

ckd said...

actually...i welcome the corrections...

I was in a hurry and didn't want to take the time to check spelling & such

ckd said...


I understand.
I think I've done these...I just have jealousy issues...

Somehow I keep ending up in places like this.

My first church...I had to beg and plead to get a computer...I finally did get 2001.

But the world in which we work & minister certain tools are needed -- like cell phones.

mitchell said...

I'll argue that technology has very little to do with hardware and more a receptiveness to a certain kind of change. Being technologically advanced is more about the application than the acquisition.

Mark. said...

Its funny... last time I was out of the country for a missions trip... I asked one of the pastors what he wanted, he said he would love to have more Bibles, commentaries and felt boards....

funny, I think my church should have a projector and this guy wants felt boards

remember we are a part of the global church