Thursday, January 25, 2007

What I've Been Listening To

Damien Rice


Pretty mellow, standard Damien Rice stuff...I wish I would have gotten the Wal-Mart version -- there's one song that I'm going to have to delete from my computer if I'm ever going to play it in the house when my kids are awake.

All American Rejects

Move Along

This is almost a perfect album for working out...I know that true punk fans probably consider this to "pop-y," but I like it...reminds me a little of Good Charlotte.

My Chemical Romance

The Black Parade

Another good album to work out to. Good rock album -- sometimes there's a 70's rock vibe that I dig.


Kim said...

this is a very random comment. i have been reading your blog on and off from jake's site. i also believe i saw you at kades today. those were sidenotes. i just wanted to say that damien's new cd is not near is good as his old album. #4 is quite sketchy. so are some of his other songs (but not near as bad as #4). the reason being is that this album is supposed to be based off of a pornographic novel. i'm not even making that up.

ckd said...

Why yes I was at Kades yesterday.

Yeah, track 4 -- "Rootless Tree," is the one that I'm going to delete. I'm not prudish or anything -- I understand the strategic use of profanity in artistic expression -- but this is too much for my taste.

Where did you hear about the pornographic novel thing...I really don't want that to be true, or it will really ruin this album for me!

ckd said...

Aha! I just looked at your profile. You were sitting to my right, against the glass were with the guy who was there, then gone, then came back.

Nice to almost meet ya!

(and yes, O was a better Damien Rice album!)

Kim said...

one of my friends went to ireland during first semester and visited the town that damien rice is from. i guess he heard it there.

i dont think i'm the person you are thinking of. i was up at the counter the entire time i was there w/ one of my guy friends talking to our other friend, the shorter barista. you came up and got a refill. that's about all i remember.

ckd said...

gotcha! I remember you now...
there was another woman in the restaurant yesterday who looked similar to you...

my memory is not so great when it comes to faces!!

say hi next time!