Friday, January 19, 2007

The Office

There were some great lines last night, but this morning, my memory eludes I'll go with this one, as best as I remember it!!

"It takes a big man to say he's sorry. I'm that big man."

-- Michael Scott, to Dwight Schrute


ckd said...

tacky I know, to be the first to comment on your own post...but I just remembered one that I wanted to use, and I didn't want to edit the original post.

"Oscar, you are not defined by your 'gayness,' you're defined by your 'mexicaness. We'll have a party to celebrate your mexicality."

Josh said...

“Congratulations universe, you win. I miss Dwight" - Jim

JGanschow said...

Karen-"I have 15 new accounts of Dwight's and they're all password protected with different mythological creatures."

david rudd said...

Michael Scott: "how could anyone be so unable to self-perceive?"

Beth B said...

i loved angela's apology to Oscar. when she asked him to be on the party planning committee! haha

angie said...

Okay, I tried to post this earlier but it didn't work.

"How was your gaycation?" - Kevin

And when Andy was singing Zombie, I could barely control myself. This show is just hilarious.