Tuesday, January 16, 2007

At the gym I work out at there are signs everywhere promoting a new class called Body Attack. The signs are well-made. The title is catchy and makes me a little bit curious. I clearly need some kind of full-body assault against the extra weight I carry.

But there is no chance of me actually going to this class.

Why? Because I don't know anyone else going...and I'm not too sure about going to an "excercise class." It doesn't feel very manly.

Let me make the analogy clear. I'm motivated, I'm interested, I'm aware, but I'm not even willing to "check it out."

If you think that good advertising, great graphics, a slick website, a nice sign out front, etc., will cause people to come to your church, or your ministry, you're wrong -- even if they are "seekers," and they are motivated, interested and semi-aware of what goes on in your building.

In fact, I would probably argue that until they know someone that is being impacted by what you're doing. They probably won't come.


david rudd said...

nice post. very well done.

JGanschow said...

When I hear "body attack," I think of viruses invading and fighting our cells with microscopic swords. It gets me a little pumped up, but doesn't make me want to go to the gym.

maybe just drink some orange juice.

good analogy though.

angie said...

I know that this defeats the point of the post but this class looks awesome! You have to check it out!

Marcie Curry said...

Great post! You may be interested in the book by McLaren called More Ready Than You Realize. It talks about evangelism in similar terms to your analogy.

ckd said...

Great book!!

(what's a "Cedarville girl" doing reading McLaren??) tsk, tsk, tsk!!


Marcie Curry said...

How could you "out" me like that? Do you think they'll revoke my degree?