Saturday, December 09, 2006

What do you think?

Check out this blog post and then tell me what you think...I can take it!


Mark said...

I put no weight in it at all... here is why any time you take one group and compare them with all of society you will find differences.... what would the numbers reflect if it was teachers, lawyers, pro basketball players.... my thought is there would be differences... i was suprised how close the numbers were in all honesty after reading the intro

David said...

i'm not statistician so i don't know whether its valid or not...

the fact the pastors scored higher on politics seems to indicate they mostly talked to evangelicals.

if true, its sad.

does raise an interesting question, though:

should pastors interpret the Bible from the pulpit and hope the people interpret culture accordingly?

or should culture be interpreted by the Bible from the pulpit?

swishthedish said...

it's probably true, but I thought the first comment was very valid - "Most people are so absolutely consumed by pop culture that they don’t have a working knowledge of anything but. Most people can tell you who’s in the Billboard Top 10 but can’t tell you who their senators are."

Mark said...

more thought

I am not saying its right or wrong, but most pastors are a lot like small business owners.... and if you were to do the same survey with small business owners you would find the same i bet

Was jesus a cultural icon at the time, a political leader, a religious leader, the lead singer of the top pop band... well i dont think he was in a pop band.... but he was all the others....

really you dont see a whole lot of scripture saying you have to be culturally releveant.... you see scripure saying meet the needs of people, not have a Bono come in and sing his more chritianish songs and try to fill the room so that you can then do a skit on sin

Is it helpful to know a lot about what is going on as a pastor in the world... yes, but do you need to be able to destroy every one in Trivial Prusit's pop culture addition.... no

mitchell said...

What makes it more humorous is that the average American couldn't point out the vice president in a crowded room.

Something to keep in mind is that America (i propose) has a flawed idea of intelligence. Understanding politics is not about knowing who the 14th president was. Being intelligent about literature is not about reading the latest best seller. "Knowledge" cannot be gaged by multiple choice.

Another random thought - I'm glad that pastors scored lower on many of these things. How is knowing about celebrities beneficial to anyone in any situation? Do I need a deacon who is on the cutting edge of fashion?

ckd said...

Here's some of my thinking on this...I think that several of you have really hit the nail on the head, but I'm familiar with churches who seem to push themselves on being on the bleeding edge of pop culture, and I just don't see that as a valid use of my time.

At the same time, I grew up in a tradition where pastors were pretty naive about the "real world," and it diminished a certain degree of credibility -- in my estimation.