Friday, December 01, 2006

Crazy Week Recap

Monday -- day off, enjoyed my kids, didn't do much, didn't know what was coming Tuesday -- heavy hearts, lots of conversations around the office, lots of sadness Wednesday -- intense meetings (not just about LifeBridge), things get official, 1st meeting with LifeBridge leadership, work at 13+ hour day Thursday -- supposed to speak at SIU in Carbondale -- it's been on my calendar for months, get to Lincoln, encounter freezing rain, turn back (I feel so bad for leaving them high & dry, but after the way the evening went, it was the right decision Friday -- SNOW DAY! (Much more fun when I was in high school and I slep until 11, less fun when I spent 3+ hours shoveling half of the driveway! (cute outdoor pics coming soon!)

1 comment:

david rudd said...

uh... the office was on last night?

"Apollo Creed"... (you have to have seen it to get the context)

hey, i'm praying for you in the lifebridge thing. it sounds like a very hard, but very cool opportunity. i'm sure you'll do great!