Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas Party

Last night we had our Northwoods Leadership Christmas Party which consists of the Elders, Board of Directors, staff, spouses & significant others. (In all, there are about 150 of us). A couple thoughts:

  • I know people love to bash "mega-churches," but it is such a privelege to serve with these people who love God and want other people to know him to. You can criticize all you want, but at the core of it all, is these amazing people.
  • The entertainment wasn't so great. It usually isn't. What is fun, is sitting next to JD and laughing AT the entertainment. We usually have great fun. Last night was no exception.
  • The food -- AMAZING! They really go all out for this thing every year.
  • The longer I'm at Northwoods, the more I enjoy the recognition of staff that has been onboard for 5 & 10 years. When I was first at Northwoods, it didn't mean much, but now I recognize the quality of the people on our staff and it's just fun to applaud them and celebrate them. Last night we celebrated the 5-year mark for Penny Miller (children's ministry assistant), Karen Woo (care dept. assistant), Melanie Gray (facilities coordinator), Dawn Henderson (creative arts director), Steve Wilmert (amazing musical talent & music director) & Kerry Redshaw (my boss -- at least for a few more weeks).

I've said it before, but I feel so priveleged to work at Northwoods!


angie said...

Why is Kerry only your boss for a few more weeks?

ckd said...

oh yeah...forgot to mention that we re-organized the organization chart!

long story, but I work part-time for Gary and part-time for Tim now.

Kerry's still working here, but now we're "co-workers"

Anonymous said...

The thing that really amazes me is the depth of talent and their humility and willingness to serve. I look around the room and realize that a number of people would be serving as senior pastors in almost any other church, but they choose to play their role at Northwoods.
Pretty amazing, and it's what makes this a great place to work.

ckd said...

It's one of the things, that I don't know how to communicate to other people -- how great my peers are!!

It so good for me to be in a place, that anything I come up against in ministry -- I can pretty much find someone who's been in a similar situation and can give me some of their acquired wisdom!