Sunday, November 05, 2006

"sword brothers"

I've been reading Stephen Lawhead recently (Arthurian Legend). There's been a word that's come up a couple of times that has provoked a thought in me. The term is "sword brothers," and refers to the kind of people that will stand at your side and fight to the death becasue of their fierce loyalty to you. Life isn't generally filled with very many "sword brothers." It seems that in our day and age we would much rather tear people down, tell as many people as possible about their weaknesses, thereby showing our alleged superiority. But I've been thinking the past couple of days about the amazing people God has placed in my life and how they challenge me and spur me on to be a better man. With broad strokes, here are some of the people that have been my sword brothers: My Small Group -- they accept me as I am, and challenge me with hard questions The Nexus Leadership Team -- we wrestle with ideas and aren't afraid Ministry Partners -- a long list of fellow trench-rats that "get it." They get how ministry can be at times -- how it can break your heart, and cause you to lose sleep! Thank you for being my "sword brothers (& sisters)"

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