Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Office

Okay, several to choose from tonight...decent episode...Michael's awkward attempt to kiss Pam, was worth the boredom of watching Jim in the other office (can we drop this stupid plot line, already?) Anyway...we don't get to quote Angela much, so here goes... Angela: I'm vegetarian. What can I eat? Waiter: It's all vegetarian. Angela: Oh, just give me some bread.


viclyn said...

Angela: I have to watch our shoes so they don't get stolen.

Anonymous said...

Michael: "Indian people do NOT eat monkey brains...although if they do, I'd be the first to join them. I'm sure they are delicious and nutritional."


"So in your culture, if you die, does she have to throw herself on a fire?"

david rudd said...

Pam: What are you doing?!

Michael: What are you doing?

ckd said...
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ckd said...

Are you kidding me?

-- Andy