Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Book Recommendation

At first, when I saw that Philip Yancey's new book was to be about prayer, I was a little bummed. If I could sum up my past experience with books about prayer, I could do it with one word: YAWN. So I started reading, not expecting much, but proceeding out of my deep respect for Yancey (yes, our Jaxon's middle name -- Philip -- was in tribute to the man who has shaped my life in many ways!) Simply put, this book will go to the top of the "best reads of 2006" list. There are probably too many threads of thought to go into here, except to say that Yancey, in his signature style (lots of illustrations, prodigious research, etc.) goes after some of the tough issues that I have with prayer (Does it really make a difference? Does God change because of prayer? Do people really get healed? If so, what about everyone that doesn't?) Standard offer here -- if you want a more personal take on the book, breakfast, coffee or lunch will surely get the ideas flowing. Otherwise, take the time (it's fairly thick) to read this book.

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