Thursday, October 05, 2006

Session Three -- Potpourri

Okay...session three was wild...
  • Interview with Barna -- a little boring
  • Lannie had a monkey on stage that sucked an orange flavored Tootsie Pop
  • GREAT worship set
  • Interview of John Maxwell -- this was cool...Andy Stanly interviewed his mentor, and it was off-the-cuff, casual and Great
  • Surprise Guest Jeff Foxworthy -- I'M NOT KIDDING, JEFF FOXWORTHY, who told funny jokes and even preached a little bit, quoting Scripture and everything -- you really need to read Justin's summary here.
I don't even know what else to say...this may have been the most eclectic, crazy, unpredictable 2 hours of my life...who would have thought that we would segue from John Maxwell praying a tear-filled prayer of us to Jeff Foxworthy in less than 5 minutes! No comments on Session Four...we were tired and left a little early to beat the rush to dinner!

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