Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Best Things in Life

Sometimes, I really struggle with greed. Now I tell myself that I don't really have any money, so that's not really the case, but a couple months ago I read Andy Stanley's book It Came from Within and I was challenged that "greed is not a financial issue; it is a heart issue." And the way it manifests in my life on most days is that it causes me to question my call to ministry, because I'm sure that I can make better money doing something else. But this weekend was a huge reminder to me that the things that truly make me happy have little to do with money. Hanging out this weekend in Tucson with the Mitchells reminded me of how blessed Jennifer and I have been in terms of the people that God has brought into our path and who have allowed us into their lives. And I had this moment of clarity -- where for a minute I realized that if I had to choose between "making the big bucks" and having the friends that I have -- I'd take the friends in a second! This doesn't mean that I'm done struggling with greed -- but it's good to have a clear vision what's true once in a while!

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