Thursday, October 26, 2006

A2 Session Six: Marc & Nicole Conner

Topic: Ministry...On Purpose or by Default Marc is the pastor of CityLife Church in Melbourne, Australia. His wife Nicole is on staff as an assistant pastor. The unique element of this church is it's seeker-friendly value in the context of being a Pentecostal church. His dad was the former pastor and it was pretty traditonal and so Marc & Nicoles have led through church through a huge degree of change. "I wasn't suprised that people were resistant to change styles of clothing...I was suprised at the emotion attached to these was very annoying." (Nicole) They are a cool team...he was raised in the church...reserved, talks kind of quiet...she, on the other hand, was raised as a German barbarian (her words, not mine)...outgoing and outspoken. There isn't anything groundbreaking in this session, althouh for the many pastors here dealing with moving from traditional, conservative contexts to more contemporary expressions I'm sure this is refreshing to hear that "I'm not alone."

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