Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Am I Slipping into "middle age"?

There's a blog that I follow that I disagree with almost everything the person says (don't panic, it's not's a former professor). And not only do I disagree with almost everything he says, I mostly disagree with his tone of condescension, intellectual arrogance, snobbery and self-righteousness. But here's the thing...I just don't really care. There have been several times where he's fired me up, and I've thought about posting and then I just don't. So here's what I'm asking myself... Have I mellowed, or is this what (gasp) maturity begins to look like? Have I become jaded, so that I really just tune people out? Is it a good indicator of my character that I resist the desire to "set the record straight," or is it a bad indicator of my character that I'm unwilling to enter into meaningful dialogue? Color me puzzled.


Eric T. said...

it's all of those.

that's something i ponder a lot. especially when i'm trying if i should bite my tongue, or bite someone's face off.

choosing your battles isn't as easy as deciding which lottery to play at the gas station.

JGanschow said...

I agree with Eric, it's all about know what battles are worth spending time and energy on. If it's something that you are passionate about and said blogger is stomping all over it without merit, it would probably raise my blood pressure a little too. But if he/she is ranting on how it is a waste of money to feed llamas at a petting zoo, probably would let it slide.

And no, you are not becoming "mature."

randy said...

i agree with justin... you're not becoming mature.

you were that a long time ago. it's just that your body hasn't caught up with your mind yet.