Sunday, August 13, 2006

Talledega Nights

It's 2:16am... Just got home from watching the midnight showing of Talledega Nights with Jeff McAllister. 10 word review: "Terrible, not funny, Jeff fell asleep, and I nodded off." Good call Jake Bland to not go with us... I've got to be at church at 8am...crap.


Anonymous said...

Dear 8lb 6oz infant baby Jesus, in your tiny golden fleece,

You are sadly mistaken!!

Best movie of the summer in my book. It's Will Ferrell!... You have to go into it knowing the plot isn't there... just quirky scenarios, one-liners, and complete randomness.

It has purchasing potential written all over it, to watch numerous amounts of times, no doubt getting more funny with each viewing. I have confidence in you, that upon watching it on DVD with a group of guys, you'll come around on this one...


JGanschow said...

I also heard it contains a cougar scene, thus making it an instant classic in my book.

but, i haven't seen it yet, so who am i to judge...

Dan Luebcke said...

Charlie, I am SHOCKED at your post. How could you not laugh at the Big Red commercial or "Please by 18?" Did you eat some bad Mexican food before the movie?

Oh my!

I can't stop laughing. I am dreaming about Ricky Bobby! On a side note, Hite, keep preaching to the choir, I can't wait to own it!

I thank God for my smoking hot wife!

Beth B said...

I LOVED this movie! Laughed pretty much the whole time i was in there and so did the other 5 people that were with me. I was in a bus trip with a bunch of high schoolers yesterday and we spent 45minutes quoting this movie and laughing. I agree this is going to be a must own movie!! Maybe you saw it too late and were tired or something!

Deaver said...

Yep, great movie. Me, Eric, Sarah, Kevin, Courtney, and her friend, were laughing pretty much the whole time...and so were the people sitting behind us. :)


ckd said...

Never have I been called out so forcefully as I have regarding this post. Because I'm a life-long learner, and have never claimed to "know it all," I offer the following excuses and well-intentioned remedies.

1. It WAS LATE! (Most nights I'm heading to bed before 12am!)
2. The person I was with FELL FAST ASLEEP (Jeff McAllister, you know you you are!)...I had to KICK HIM at one point to wake him up!
3. I do have to say, that as the week has gone, on, I've found myself quoting more maybe Hite is right.
4. The theater was almost empty...funny movies are always funnier with a large crowd...on the other hand, I find scary movies scarier with a smaller crowd.
5. I usually LOVE Will Ferrell...but I thought that the back end of this movie got a little slow. (then was past 1am at this point).

So, here's what I'll do...when it comes out on video, I'll pull some of you that are such HUGE fans, and we'll watch it together and decide if it stands up to Elf, Anchorman, etc.

randy said...

dean! my computer's been down or i certainly would have joined in the outcry.

although i will admit that i struggled to find humor in the way his kids talked... ...everything else was pretty much hysterical... haven't stopped chewing big red have you???

and yes, justin... you will love the cougar scenes.

swishthedish said...

charlie, i'm with you on this one. it really wasn't that great.

funny thing, jake just saw it a few nights ago and he loved it! ha

jdb said...

it's true ... I thought the prayer scene, and the cougar part were worth paying my $6. BUT I also almost fell asleep in the middle