Monday, August 28, 2006

Related Leaders: Leonard Sweet (Session Two)

Q&A to start the session: Reformation of the church is not a big enough dream, because God wants to change the world. And there are times in the history of the world, where God works more in the world than he does in the church. "Hugely significant" book: David Bosch -- Transforming Mission (1993) Our job is not to create new things, but to make old things new. "To talk about the church as family makes me nervous, because the goal of family is to take care of each other. So you have to be careful about this metaphor of family because it works against a missional mindset." MRI: Relational "from propositional to relational" The issue is NOT "do you have the right view of Scripture" but "are you in the right relationship with the Word of God." Christianity has a "weird" understanding of truth compared to the rest of the world. Every other religion has a view that truth is propositional (certain principles that you believe & practice). For Christianity, truth is supposed to be found in the relationship with Jesus Christ ("I am the way, the truth, the love"). (The truth is a person who calls us into relationship.) Len's nightmare: replacing the "modern" church with a "postmodern" church -- we should be seeking to be a biblical church!

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