Sunday, August 06, 2006

Intimate Moments

This weekend... I did a wedding on Saturday. On Sunday, I visited a woman in the hospital who was told that she has leukemia and may die. One of the incredible priveleges of being a pastor is that people include you in their most intimate moments, and you get to see people for who they really are. So many times in life, people hide -- they hide who they are, they hide what their thinking, they hide what they're feeling... I feel humbled and priveleged (and, truth be told, pretty inadequate) when I am privy to what's really going on.

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Jason said...

Thanks for your thoughts about these opportunities being a privilege. As a pastor when I opportunities to visit people in the hospital I was scared to death. It felt so akward when I visitied people I did not know. I looked at these situations as more of an uncomfortable situation instead of a humbling and privileged situation. Thanks!