Monday, August 28, 2006

1st Day of School

Well, Jennifer and I are now the parents of school-aged children! Caleb started his first day of school this morning! Couple of thoughts:
  • Neither one of us cried -- we were just too excited for him! It's so good to see him growing up -- he's SOOO ready for this!
  • We had a really cool moment Sunday night, where Jennifer, Gavin & I laid hands on him and prayed for him (Jaxon worked on spitting up carrots). It was fun the really pray as a family for something!
  • Gavin's going to have a hard time with his best friend/brother gone all day!


Beth B said...

So what were Caleb's thoughts when he got home?

ckd said...

He was pretty pumped up...he likes his teacher a lot, but he wasn't super-excited that one of the main rules is that they have to stay in their seats.

Anonymous said...


How exciting! He looks so cute sitting there like a big boy in his desk. I bet it feels like he is so grown up now.