Thursday, April 13, 2006

bubo virginianus

Last night I couldn't sleep -- so it was two o'clock in the morning and I was watching television and the door leading to the deck was open. There was a full moon and everything was lit up beautifully and it was the stillest of nights. I heard a racket and assumed it was the next door neighbors' kids (teenagers who are on spring break this week). Finally I muted the t.v. and listened and the sound I was hearing was actually some great-horned owls hooting back and forth at each other. I walked out on the deck just as one was hooting and flying overhead (I couldn't ever see it, but I could sure hearit). So I stood out on the deck at 2am and counted about 8 of these owls calling back and forth. It was so eerie and beautiful and amazing and so many people will NEVER get to experience it...and I was filled with awe and worship!


justin said...

am i a total dork because i knew exactly what creature you were talking about, strictly by the latin name?

ckd said...

Afraid so! I had to look it up on Wikipedia!