Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hanging with People

Sometimes in a large church ministry, you can get so busy that you don't find the time to hang out with regular people. (For you "I hate mega-church" types, hold on and let me explain.) My job is to create ministries where people can impact people -- in the process, it can become "routine" for me to hang out with the same people all the time -- equipping them, strategizing with them, etc. Recently, Nexus has been growing like crazy, and we've quickly gotten beyond the size where I can meet everyone personally and really get to know them. All this to say, last night I went to a funeral visitation with some "Nexurs" and all three people in my car were people that I didn't know that well, or people that I've seen a lot at Nexus over the last couple months, but haven't really gotten to know beyond names and pleasantries. It was really energizing -- I had a great ride there and back! Cool people!

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Briana Brunkow said...

Thanks for the kind words about riding to the funeral last week. I agree, the ride home was a blast! I have been meaning to stop by Starbucks to see if that Alanis cd is there. Your love for music is inspiring!