Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Baby Dedication

Two friends -- Cory & Vicky just had their first baby -- Ainzley Andrea Brown -- early Thursday morning. So last night our small group took the time and dedicated the baby, prayed over the parents, and covenanted with them to do our best to help them raise their child. Here are some thoughts:
  • Often this ceremony is done in the church, which has always felt a little sterile for me, but doing it with our small group felt more real, like I really was committing something of myself, like I really was a part of this thing.
  • The three components we had were as follows: prayers of blessing and dedication over Ainzley as we anointed her with oil; words of affirmation spoken to the parents where we affirmed qualities in them that we believe will make them good parents; prayers of blessing, wisdom, guidance and protection prayed over the parents; and then finally a covenant read and agreed to by both the parents and the small group. (between each component, different small group members read Scripture).
  • It was a sweet, touching, intimate time for our small group.

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viclyn said...

Thank you so much for helping Cory and I in this great time of our lives. It was DEFINITELY a holy moment.