Monday, December 19, 2005

Sledding and Such

Quick story: We've been doing a lot of sledding, and so I took the boys to Jubilee State Park. Long story short -- huge, long hill -- with only a few trees in our way. So on Saturday -- my brother is up from Kansas, so we took my two boys, his two boys and our dad sledding. Here was the damage by the time we were done: Caleb (four and a half) -- ice scratches and a bloody lip after hitting a tree and being thrown violently from the sled Mitchell (four) -- got the wind severely knocked out of him when he hit a tree going backwards, dead on. Gavin (2 and a half) -- not hurt, but had the most spectacular wipeout of the day when he took of on a disc and ran into his brother (the tank) who didn't budge, but Gavin spun through the air for a while. It was AWESOME! The Dean men are a rough and ready bunch!

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Dan Luebcke said...


Excellent training program! I particularly like your use of the natural elements to build character and get your sons used hitting something hard and getting some blood!

That will help when Caleb is playing for the Bears and my son Josiah is a Bronco and crushing him from the free safety position after Caleb comes across the middle!