Monday, November 07, 2005

Young Life Banquet

My first exposures to Young Life were admittedly negative. I saw a personal example of a guy who couldn't "cut it" in church ministry go to Young Life staff, and had an encounter with an eager staffer wanting to pillage my youth group to start a club in the town where I started ministry.

But over the last year or so, I've become a big fan and realized that my first exposures really were the worst side of Young Life.

Saturday night, I got to go to the Central Illinois Young Life Banquet. Not only was it exciting to see how students' lives are being changed, but I was mostly jazzed about the idea that Young Life is mostly bourne on the backs of volunteers (read: non-clergy). To me, that's the gospel being lived out and it's cool!

Also, my friend Kevin gave a great talk while his wife debuted her acting skills in a skit -- great job Slettens! (By the way -- they're the "real deal!" Every week 50 clubbers fill their basement and I've never heard them complain -- they just get more excited the bigger it gets!)

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