Sunday, November 27, 2005

Quick NFL Takes....

  • Broncos are looking strong -- although I refuse to get my hopes too high, becuase the road to the Super Bowl goes through Indianapolis -- and they're in a different league than the rest of the NFL so far!
  • Bears fans -- chill out! You have a weak schedule -- true you've won 7 in a row, and the Panthers are a decent team -- but we'll see when you travel to Pittsburg in 2 weeks if you're the real deal, or a big fish in a little pond. (And don't look past Green Bay -- old rivals aren't cast off all that easy!) That being said, as the team of my childhood (I cried when they lost to Miami on Monday night in '85 -- and I'm not being metaphorical.), I'd like to see the Bears win -- it's just the Bears' fans that are starting to irritate!
  • LT continues to save my fantasy team!

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A.J. said...

Well, whether the Broncos manage to get past the Colts or not, whoever comes out on top will be facing the Seahawks in the Superbowl! least that's my best bet for the NFC.