Monday, October 10, 2005

Weekend in Review

  • Broncos 21 Redskins 19 (I do have a rant coming soon about the media bias perpetuated against the Broncs...but I'm holding back for now.)
  • Was in a wedding this weekend...great opportunity to catch up with former students in my ministry and people I used to worship with on a weekly basis.
  • Watching football last night after The Gathering with Hite and BW3's. (The Thai wings are particularly excellent.)
  • Got my new knife sharpener in the mail. (Yes, I'm an "Emeril-wannabe," and there's nothing worse than dull knives!)
  • Mowed my yard for the first time...ever. It was good to be outside...great weather...the smell of grass and finally a place for my boys to play.


  • People that I saw at the wedding that I didn't get near enough time to talk to, like Josh T (a former studentwho is now at Greenville), Jason & Tara, Brian M (although we're going to hook up for lunch soon), and others.
  • Not near enough sleep! I'm tired today!
  • Fantasy football blues. The Purple Butterflies are struggling. Healthy point production, but always at the wrong time, and MNF has killed me!

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mitchell said...

Why is it the commentators always have a bias against whatever team I happen to be supporting? A tremendous play by my team is never due to offensive brilliance, but the opposing team's ineptitude.

BTW, I think the "word verification" required to publish a comment is using the term "word" a little too loosely (unless someone else is familiar with the definition of aearhnqm)