Monday, October 31, 2005

Popularity Snob

So I've been told this by a friend for a while now, that I am a popularity snob. What she means is that I guess if something is popular I have a predisposition to rebel and not like it. She's right. So, I've made a lot of fun of the whole "livestrong" bracelet things -- and the bajillion (that's like a gob of billions) of copycats. Last week, I put on my first rubber bracelet. Mostly for 2 reasons. 1. I found an organization/cause that I really believe in, and 2. it's a reminder to me not to forget. What's the bracelet? It's a white bracelet that says ONE. I've blogged about the ONE campaign before so I wont' say anything more. It wasn't easy to put it popularity snobbery made it very difficult. [I've got several more in my office if you're interested.] [click on the picture to get to ONE. org]


Eric T. said...

i know where you're comin' from here, man. i felt like a sellout when i put on my livestrong bracelet. sometimes, even the biggest punk has to swallow his pride and go with the flow.

did you know there are even rubber bracletes for the pope???

angie said...

Charlie, I have to disagree with the popularity snob thing. I think the main thing that bothers me is there are SO MANY people who refuse to like DMB because they are "popular" and you are defnitely not one of those people... :)

ckd said...

true ang! that's one area...but I've been accused about being a popularity snob in reference to Christian music (although I don't like most of it -- irregardless of it's popularity!), popular books (but I can only handle so much Narnia merchandise!)

Honestly -- i feel like I have inappropriately labeled here, but actually I'm ok!

Long live DMB!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I can't take credit for the popularity snob comment. That label was given to you by someone else, so please don't shoot the messenger! Besides, I agree with you about most of the stuff anyway. Bracelets for the pope? Do I even want to know what's next?