Monday, October 17, 2005


It's hard to fall asleep on Sunday nights, or sometimes Wednesday nights, if I've spoken at New Community. So last night, after the ALCS was over and Seinfeld was over, I was flipping channels and got sucked into a program call "Art in the Twenty-First Century" on PBS. They were profiling an artist named Matthew Ritchie and he said something that got my attention about noise. He said that when you get more and more stimuli, it eventually all becomes noise because we can't process everything coming at us and therefore our task is to "tune in" to the frequencies that we want to hear. It made me think about how dangerous this is spiritually because it allows me to "tune in" to what I'm doing or what is the loudest and I think the Holy Spirit's voice in my life is sometimes lost in the rest of the noise (as I'm typing they're doing something in the building that requires drilling into concrete -- at 7:50 AM -- I haven't even had coffee yet!). Or maybe the look from my child that says "I need you right now, Dad" that gets caught up in the noise, or a friend who's hurting and needs a couple minutes of my time and I never get the message because I'm only usually tuned into the channel called "ME."


Chris said...

Charlie - I love your blog. Each day, or several days I log in and read your stuff. Strike that... I peruse your blogs. Anyways, this one sucked me in. In all our "tasks" that we aim to accomplish each day, it's amazing how little we(or I) absorb. Keep up the good stuff, and Go Broncos!

Eric T. said...

Oh man, I saw that on there last night, too! That was a big piece of art. The dude was standing in the middle of it when I came across it.