Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Rwanda Revisted

I'm reading a book called Unspeakable: Facing Up to Evil in an Age of Genocide and Terror, by one of my favortie authors, Os Guinness (yes, he's a distant relative of the beer family). I'm going to teach a series on evil in August @ Nexus, but here's a quote regarding Rwanda: "Romeo Dallaire, the Canadian general who commanded the UN forces in Rwanda during the massacre, sufffered an emotional breakdown afterward. He was haunted by the thought that, given the green light by his superior, 'he could have stopped it.' His comments on the later visit to Kigali by President Clinton were scathing: 'Kept the engines on Air Force One running, spent a couple of hours in the airport terminal, and said he was sorry, he didn't know.' 'Didn't know?' said Dallaire. 'I saw the NATO electronic aircraft overhead. I've spent my life in NATO. I know what they do.' For himself, the general said later, he was still haunted in his dreams by the eyes -- thousands and thousands of them, disembodied, staring out of the African darkness. 'You can't just walk away from something like that saying you did what you could...You can't just Pontius Pilate 800,000 people."

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