Thursday, July 14, 2005

Regarding the Aformentioned Problem Tooth

Finally went to the dentist today after about a week and a half of pain...I had an 8am appt., and now I'm getting ready to leave my office for a root canal this afternoon! This sucks! I really try to take care of my teeth and what do I get? Nothing but cavities!! (Plus a $500 bill, that isn't great for anyone's budget!) I hate the dentist! It's not fair, I's not his fault that I have a mouth of rot and decay, but I take out my agression in passive-aggresive ways...if he's going to keep finding cavities, than I just won't go to the dentist anymore! There! That will get him!

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Tyler Murphy said...

Oops....I'm sorry....I must have stumbled upon a 12 year's old blog. I was looking for Charlie Dean's blog.

=) Just kidding Charlie...sorry to hear about the tooth man, hope you feel better soon!