Monday, May 16, 2005

Playing in Small Groups

I've been on a team that has been thinking and discussing small group life and one of the things that we have begun talking about is the role of people playing together. Most of the small group things I've read are heavy on caring for the people in your small group and how to lead discussion, but rarely do they talk about how important it is to just play together. So here's a quotation from a book I'm reading that I think is important. The book is called Real Sex: The Naked Truth About Chastity and it was written by Lauren F. Winner (the bolded portion is my emphasis). “I was once asked what I would say to a friend whom I knew was having premarital sex…I told my interlocutor that the first step in speaking to my friends about sex was making sure that we enjoyed relationships built on hundreds or ordinary shared experiences – plays attended together and pumpkins carved together and accompanying one another on doctors appointments and changing the oil together. To say this is not to side-step the question. Community doesn’t come about simply by having hard, intimate conversations. Having hard, intimate conversations is part of what is possible when people are already opening up their day-to-day lives to one another.”


david rudd said...

charlie, i think playing together is so important. i know that my best friends in the church are the guys i play poker with, not the guys i do ministry with, teach with, etc... i'd like to hear more about your conclusions and what you do with them...
lets plan to golf in early july...?

ckd said...

I think that last night was a great example. My small group has been slowly picking our way through Colossians (slow because we're all pretty busy right now and are rarely all present). But instead, we watched Star Wars Episode II.

When my family gets together it's not usually with an agenda, but just the enjoyment of one another, maybe small group should be more like family and less like going to a class!

Definately up for golf...July is pretty good for me!