Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Long Weekend...

Real quick, I'll catch everyone up on my weekend... Thursday night -- took our boys camping for the first time...Caleb in particular had a blast. I think he was sitting in the backseat of my car for about 15 minutes before we left just giddy w/ excitment! It was a perfect night to camp...cool, clear and just a really great time w/ the family! Friday -- helped dig 37 postholes for my dad's new deck surrounding his pool (okay, we cheated and rented a gas-powered auger)....buy Friday night I was beat! Saturday -- mountain biked by myself, and then went to work to prep for the weekend's message. This was the first time I'd spoken on the weekend here at Northwoods, and so it was a little nerve-racking. Sunday -- had a cookout w/ our ministry and had between 70-75 people. I was pumped! Monday -- mountain biked again with Ryan and Josh at Independence in Marquette Heights. Went over my handle bars -- HARD. Cut my knee pretty good. First blood of this years' mountain biking season. Great ride. The guys at Little Ade's in Pekin do a great job of maintaining this network of trails.

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